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6 Kent St.,
Heathwood , QLD 4110 AUSTRALIA

About Alegna Weddings

Alegna Weddings is a wedding photography and videography company based in Brisbane, Queensland, servicing areas from as far south as the Queensland Coast borderline and as far north as the Sunshine Coast.

Before we entered this industry, we were spending most of our time creating cinematic films, music videos, commercials, real estate, corporate content, and more. Simply put, we have established Alegna Entertainment — a Brisbane-based production company. Despite this, we believe that we’re not only bound to take one path. We believe we can tell more stories in different ways. This is what inspired us to establish Alegna Weddings.

Although there are a lot of misconceptions about what wedding photographers and videographers do, we weren't discouraged by them. We believe that photography is more than just "taking pictures" and videography is not as easy as it seems. The reality is far more than that.

We take it as an art form. Wedding photography and videography allow us to discover and capture wonderful subjects. We dreamt of depicting couples and newlyweds who are madly in love with each other. More importantly, we just don't focus on the current event. Our team documents love stories with a dashing style.

My team launched Alegna Weddings in June 2019, and we're continuously doing our best to tell stories in the most memorable ways possible.

Alegna Weddings are composed of a friendly bunch of creatives who enjoy a good laugh and bond with our couples. We're a family that brings a lasting experience of fun, comfort, support, trust, and ease for your wedding day!


Alegna Weddings 1300 545 877
6 Kent St.,
Heathwood , QLD 4110 AUSTRALIA
Alegna Weddings

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Alegna Weddings

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